Percussion workshop

Percussion workshop

Activity from Approximately 1h and 30min to 2 horas hours available between 15 to 600 people

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Discover a way to foster teamwork and improve the work environment, thanks to music.

Una experiencia muy divertida, el monitor se preocupo de estar atento en todo momento, y lanzo muy buenos mensajes al grupo.


Improve interpersonal relations within your company through musical language.

Percussion is an ancient cultural manifestation which encourages collective togetherness. It passes a feeling of eagerness that boosts the achievement of a mutual goal.

Through our team building workshops, using percussion as a metaphore, we show teams a way to work together efficiently. Thus, making them understand the necessity of cooperating at the working place.

How does a session of our Percussion workshop contribute to a work group?

  • It encourages group cohesion, communication and a good working environment, by consolidating work groups.
  • It helps reducing work stress and potential conflicts between participants.
  • Through a seemingly ludic activity, personal relations within groups are improved, and values such as fellowship, organizing abilities, team work, delegating, leadership... are boosted.
  • Through an analogy between music and work, we'll learn about the role of every participant, the common goal and the strategy to succeed at it.

“Drum beats at a shared pace focus the mind, stimulate creativity and improve the spirits. It also injects positive energy, generating enthusiasm and team spirit, both essential to reach great goals”.


  • Activity design
  • Material for the activity realization
  • Dedicated staff


  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Group cohesion
  • Sense of belonging to the group


It is possible to perform the activity throughout Spain

Available languages

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French


Video recording

A professional camera will film the entire event

Photo report

A professional camera will take photos of the event

Coffee break or lunch / dinner

In addition to the activity, attendees can eat something

Transport service

Displacement of attendees from the point of origin to the place of activity


Management of accommodation for all attendees


The realization of the activity in an original space

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Silvia Blanco

Silvia Blanco

Account executive

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