Activity from From 30 minutes to 3 hours to 1 hours available between 15 to 200 people

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Feel like a true videogame character. Compete with your teammates and get your knack for winning in this laser war.

Hemos quedado muy satisfechos del servicio, y de las actividades, aunque quizá se nos hizo algo corta la excursión en quad.


The great battle is about to start. Don´t miss it.

If you ever wanted to experience a real adventure, this is your chance. With this activity you'll feel like one of those virtual heroes you always wanted to be. Now you´re the hero! Coordination and team work will be essential to success in this activity. Split into teams, each will have to face his own mission, thus having to face your “alleged” co-workers which will be nothing but your enemies in this adventure.

The working principles are similar to those of Paintball, nevertheless this game is safer, painless and cleaner. There is no need to use any particular protective equipment. Participants of every age are invited to take part since this activity is harmless. Borrowed from the military, a new training system is used, the harmless long range IR.

The best settings to quest

You´ll be able to enjoy the best settings through this adventure: forts, trenches, shelters, military buses and other buildings that will allow us to reenact a true battlefield. Every mission will take place in a different setting: blowing up the enemy fort, assaulting the bank, capturing the hill, the President (the team is divided into attackers, bodyguards and a president. The bodyguards must escort the president unharmed to a safe zone past the field), etc. We can arrange all sorts of games, so if you happen to be a good screenwriter and you´re up for it, just let us know which kind of mission you´d like to prepare and we´ll make it happen.

With this fascinating activity your physique and dexterity will be tested. You´ll learn to strengthen the cohesion of your group, the trust between co-workers, the optimization of your resources, leadership, problem resolution under extreme conditions, role distribution, etc. All of them necessary in your daily life in your company.

Wait no more and experience the thrill of taking part in a real videogame!

Be one of the very first ones to try this highly demanded activity. We can arrange this event in a snow setting, or your spaces or any other large venue that we could decorate as a battlefield, both in and outdoors.


  • Activity design
  • Material for the activity realization
  • Dedicated staff


  • Teamwork
  • Improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • Motivation
  • Sense of belonging to the group
  • Improve the decision-making capacity


It is possible to perform the activity throughout Spain

Available languages

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French


Video recording

A professional camera will film the entire event

Photo report

A professional camera will take photos of the event

Transport service

Displacement of attendees from the point of origin to the place of activity


Management of accommodation for all attendees

Welcome pack

A welcome detail for the participants


The realization of the activity in an original space

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Silvia Blanco

Silvia Blanco

Account executive

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